IDCS Counsellors are

  • Qualified to Diploma level
  • Have two years experience or 250 hours of counselling prior to working with IDCS

The counsellors will have a fairly broad experience of issues in their counselling work and be in sympathy with the traditions of the Church of England. They will preferably live in one of the sponsoring dioceses or be able to work from a confidential venue within one of the diocese, to ensure some ease of access for clients.

Counsellors are approved by their diocesan bishop and interviewed by the supervisor and facilitator. In line with current guidance for clergy and bishops within the C of E, counsellors will usually serve no later than the age of 70 years. Beyond this, their position will be reviewed annually by the supervisor and facilitator.

All counsellors are required to:-

  • Attend team meetings and supervision sessions
  • Provide regular counselling sessions to clients
  • Keep appropriate records of work
  • Work in a time limited way – 12 week max

Extension of time of sessions to be discussed with the supervisor. Any private arrangement with clients allowed only after 6 months cessation of IDCS work ending.

If we cannot provide the help you need we will work with you to find someone who can.

If you are interested in becoming a counsellor with IDCS please complete the application form below and email to or send by post to Helen Weston, The Pond House. Ratten Row, Dalson, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA5 7AY